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This is a collection of books I've read and enjoyed. I've tried writing reviews, but I think I'm not critical enough: all I really want to do is share the good stuff, so here's some of that.

todo: finish writing descriptions + xrefs

a paradise built in hell +
an introduction to mathematical cryptography +
anathem +
bertrand russell: the spirit of solitude +
computer systems: a programmer's perspective
cryptonomicon +
data and goliath +
dead souls
deaf republic +
feng shui for you and your cat +
fine, fine, fine, fine, fine +
flying saucers: a modern myth of things seen in the skies +
governing the commons +
grow your own +
how to solve it +
ibm and the holocaust
introduction to modern cryptography +
invincible: the games of shusaku +
ludwig wittgenstein: the duty of genius +
metamagical themas
mutual aid (kropotkin)
occult features of anarchism
security engineering +
serious cryptography +
serious privacy: what it takes to disappear +
seveneves +
silence on the wire +
someone comes to town, someone leaves town +
something like an autobiography
suspended in language +
the art and craft of problem solving +
the breakthrough to shodan +
the conquest of bread +
the dispossessed +
the evolution of cooperation +
the faraway nearby +
the history of western philosophy +
the utopia of rules +
walkaway +
white noise +